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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Jane Austen's Knits - Fanny's Chemisette - Fall 2012

This is my latest finished project. It's called'Fanny's Chemisette' and it comes from the Fall 2012 edition of Jane Austen Knits magazine.
The pattern is designed by Deborah Adams and can be found on page 112:
I had some handspun (by me) alpaca/silk yarn, which I used to make up the back of the bolero. It is heavy and hangs really well, caught up by the tie at the bottom. I used a crochet tie not ribbon as stated in the pattern.
I didn't have enough handspun alpaca/silk yarn to do the whole bolero and I think it would have made it too heavy so the front is worked in a purchased Sirdar yarn called Escape. I used the DK weight.
Here is the magazine with one of the fronts:
This is the back. I crocheted a picot edging around the sleeves because I felt it looked prettier and I stitched down the collar with large tacking stitches to stop it sticking up and being a nuisance.
The bolero is very comfortable to wear and gives that extra bit of warmth for the evenings.
I recommend this pattern to anyone who wants to make a bolero.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Fibre-East Festival - 27th July 2014.

These delightful black piggies were part of my day last Sunday, when Larry and I went to the Fibre-East Festival at Redborne Upper School in Ampthill. There is a farm on the school where the pupils can learn animal husbandry. The animals were extremely well kept and happy and the pig-house even had piped music installed to keep the pigs entertained.
There was a farm shop, where I bought some fresh eggs and some honey and in the freezer there were all sorts of home produced meats.

Here are some pictures of the fibre festival itself. Larry and I had a wonderful time looking around and it has inspired him to take up weaving!

There was have-a-go spinning for beginners:
There were weaving looms galore.
Lots and lots of yarn. Here I am checking out some wonderful, purple art yarn.
Bales of roving in all natural colours and livid ones too.
Hand-made drum carders:
I was interested in those but they were very expensive.
Just look at these gorgeous colours:
and of course there were sheep!
and a sheep shearing demonstration:
and the fleece was for sale too. I didn't buy one. I am still working on the one I've got!
Have a great weekend, whatever you do!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Spinning and Knitting Project Finished


The above four yarns were spun by me during the last year.  Question was: what to do with them when they are finished? Answer: find a pattern that you like and adapt it.  Easier said than done.
Then I saw this pattern in an old 'People's Friend' magazine. I thought it would be just right. It was just right for someone short-waisted, like me, and lots of opportunities for using more than one colourway.
My spun-off merino knits up like Aran so knitting with 5mm (u.k. needles) I began.

...and here is the finished result. I'm pleased with it.  It's not at all itchy and very comfortable to wear.

The colour panel at the back breaks up the vast expanse of lavender yarn and compliments the front panels.
I like the way it sticks out at the front.

Now on to my next project, but first I need to make something with the left-over yarn from this one. Any ideas?


Thursday, 29 May 2014

A New Raw Fleece Cometh

I am currently spinning with this beautiful dark purple roving, which I bought from E-bay. It's a very soft merino. It spins up quite quickly and is a joy to work with.

So far I have several spools of it and some of it is already in use. More of that another day.

However, I am excited about getting a raw fleece to work with, later in the week so I will be back on here to tell you how I'm getting on with that. I'm not sure what I'm getting yet, but it could well be a long staple variety, like the one in the following video. You will see how www.taylormadeyarns.co.uk spins up an art yarn using a Wensleydale fleece. It's quite fascinating. Do take a look:


Monday, 19 May 2014


... and here is the jerkin (vest) (pullover) finished. With handspun wool, you get a variation of colour, which I love. That makes the garment unique. I'm ready to give it to him for his birthday next week, although the weather has now turned warm so he won't be wearing it much for a while. I did make it a bit longer than the pattern said, so it should last a while.

Here is the little fella it's for... my grandson, Sammy.

Have a lovely day and enjoy this beautiful weather.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

What am I knitting today?

I saw the pattern for this lovely jerkin in the window of my local haberdashery shop last week. The baby looks a little like my grandson, Sam, so of course I had to buy the pattern, didn't I!

I had just the right yarn to make up the jerkin - some of my handspun, which has been sitting in a basket for a while now. Do you like the colour? Being handspun, it varies from dark to lighter shades. I like that. I like a bit of variation.

 So now I'm doing the V-neck of the front and it won't be long before I'm on to the borders.
I love knitting. It's very relaxing in the evenings after all the chores are done. 

I like to put my feet up, watch TV or listen to the radio and knit. Bliss!


Sunday, 16 February 2014

A new member of the family.


Please meet' Sausage'. He is the latest member of our family to join the cottage. He is the result of my latest crafty effort and he is a sausage dog (in case you didn't guess).


He likes to hide behind the washing basket...


and sneak up on the cat ...

He has a very stripey body ...


and very short legs.

But we all love him :)