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Monday, 28 June 2010

Nursery Blanket

It gives me a lot of satisfaction to turn this (above) into this (below).

I've been busy watching the football lately and sometimes I knit while I watch (not the England games though). This is a mixed blessing because I can go wrong in the pattern when the game gets exciting. I had to unpick a section because of that and that has put me even further back.
However, I had to get this blanket finished because next week I return to England.

I have finished the blanket and it is packed in a box ready to go on its long journey.

I think it looks nice and it feels really snug and warm. It was a good way to use up the odd wool which is no longer available.

I shall miss having the blanket over my legs in the evenings.



  1. Great job. Beautiful colors. Enjoy yourself and have a safe trip.

  2. I love the blanket too. It's just perfect for covering the legs, but soon it will cover your little precious grandchild. Have an easy uncomplicated trip back to the UK, Star!

  3. It is beautiful! I hate getting it wrong, as if I have to take my knitting back a row or two, I always seem to lose stitches! I am knitting a cardie at the moment! Suzie xx