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Saturday, 3 July 2010

My Knitting Bag

Every knitter must have a knitting bag and this one is mine. I have had this bag for quite a long time and am fond of it. It is good to keep the wool for my current project in here, away from the strong rays of the sun, which would bleach out the colour.

I can keep the needles in here too so I don't lose them and a tape measure for easy finding! There is a pair of useful scissors, just waiting to cut some yarn.

I fold the pattern carefully so as not to crease it and keep a piece of plain paper handy for making notes.

The bag is always ready for action. I can grab it and take it out with me if I want to knit away from home, knowing that everything inside is ready and waiting and I won't have to go search.

All in all a very useful piece of equipment.

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