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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

This is my ball winder, which is really useful for winding skeins of yarn properly. Together with the Swift, see below, you just wind away and the ball appears in all its perfection. Then if you use the thread that comes from the middle, the ball will sit nicely on the floor and not run away under the furniture all the time.

There is a short video of the Swift and ball winder in action at the end of this post.

Remember my spinning wheel? I am still loving it, loving it, loving it!

This was the first proper skein I made while I was in America.  I used the ball winder and Swift to ball it up and brought it back with me to knit it up.

It's knitting up really well and it feels so soft to the touch.

It gives me a great feeling to knit up yarn which I spun myself.

Here's the short video:

So I'm a happy spinner!


  1. That's great, Star. I can see why you would love to knit with yarn you made yourself. I wonder who thought up that contraption!

  2. Good morning Star, I don't spin but I love yarn. I've had a ball winder for a while now but recently I purchased s swift from Etsy. I love it. I love the look of your yarn, I can't wait to see what it becomes.